Coffee Coffee Coffee w Tabs ♡

Hello lovelies!

The other day I hung out with my cute friend Tabby! For sure check out her blog because she is literally the cutest person I have ever met! After school we hopped in my Honda and drove up to Cleveland to this cute little place!

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unedited thoughts from an 18 year old

It’s crazy to me how much can happen within a few years. Life passes by so quickly and it’s hard to comprehend everything that has happened. It feels like yesterday I was just starting my freshman year of high school. My little 14-year-old self had no idea what she was getting herself into.

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Pretty In Pink

Hello, Lovelies! 

 **CURRENT OBSESSION ALERT** Pink! All things pink! In fact, over the past three months, my closet went from only black, white, and gray to looking like a unicorn who only wears pink threw up all over it. From hats to swimming suits, to shirts, purses, and jewelry, my hair ties are even pink. It wasn’t until my most recent ortho appointment Continue reading

Sunflower Friends

Hello, lovelies!

I would love to update you all and say it officially spring over here, but unfortunately, it is supposed to snow tomorrow… Ohio, please get it together, I am begging you!!!! This weekend I was out spending time with a dear friend for her birthday and as we were driving back to her house, I almost drove past a sunflower wall, and well anyone who knows me, knows that I can not just drive past a groovy wall without taking pictures in front of it. I simply have no self-control when it comes to aesthetically pleasing walls. Continue reading