25 Random Facts

Ay so It’s the last week of March and I have literally posted like nothing so for the last few days of the month I’m going to be posting a lil somethin every night(;  With that being said here are some probably not so interesting facts about me:

  1.  I’m about that Jesus life.
  2.  My middle name is Hope.
  3.  I think shirts with pockets on them are cool.
  4.  Dogs. I love them.
  5.  I highkey am obsessed with donuts.
  6.  I have a tumblr! I would say it falls under the Luxury Lifestyle category
  7.  I am extremely passionate about Social Working.
  8.  I love flowers!!!!!!
  9.  I like taking pictures of people.
  10.  I love writing letters to my friends.
  11.  Pinterest is kind of my thing! I repin lots of pictures of cute puppies and couples.
  12.  I have a big family.
  13.  I work at Dairy Queen.
  14.  I have a little book that I write positive quotes in.
  15.  I enjoy taking baths.
  16.  I love coffee.
  17.  I enjoy having deep conversations about life with people.
  18.  My biggest fear is living an insignificant life.
  19.  I was a cheerleader when I was 8.
  20.  I love helping people.
  21.  I’m homeschooled.
  22.  I really really dislike cats.
  23.  I’m kinda obsessed with Theo James. 
  24.  I plan on changing the world someday.
  25.  I hope to get into Case Western Reserve University someday and get a masters degree in Social Work (I’ll write more about it in the future).

Stay Brave friends ツ



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