Rants with Michaela ||

Hello friends, happy Monday! I love Mondays because there’s something about them that is super refreshing. Today was a relaxed Monday. I’ve been on vacation for the past two weeks, so it’s nice to be able to spend the day in my bed reading a book. Eventually, as time passed my brain wandered, and I ended up in my camera roll. While scrolling through I came across a screenshot from my daily devotional application, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys. I’ve been slacking when it comes to reading my bible and really focusing on what God has to say. I’ve been distracted. I’ve been more concerned with learning all the songs on Drake’s new album Views (which btw is so good) than I have been learning my way around the bible. It’s hard to be in the world and not of it. But as Christians we’re not called to have an “easy” life. Right now in church we are going through a series called “Conversations with Jesus,” and recently there was a sermon that was about temptation. It was so good, and I’d recommend listening to it (you can watch it here). They were talking about how after a high point in our lives Satan tends to tempt us. A good example of that is in Matthew; after Jesus got baptized it says that the spirit led him into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan (Matthew 3:16-4:1). If Jesus experienced temptation then so will we. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”. Really it’s about how we respond in those moments that Satan tempts us. Are we going to walk into the darkness and enjoy things that aren’t pleasing to God? Or are we going to choose to walk into the light?  You wanna know something crazy about satan? Satan likes to sugar coat things. He tends to make everything that’s ungodly look pleasing, and if you aren’t consistently asking God to reveal things to you that he isn’t too fond of, you probably won’t feel convicted about it at all. For example: if you think that listening to a certain type of music isn’t harmful but your close friends see that it’s affecting your attitude towards things and is distracting you from what God is saying then maybe it’s smart to do a little fast and be like “Hey, God, I don’t see that I’m falling into bad habits. If it really is a problem, can you reveal it to me?” Trust me, it works! Alright, fam. Hopefully, you can make something out of this.

Until next time on Rants with Michaela

Stay Brave friends ツ





2 thoughts on “Rants with Michaela ||

  1. Well said, Michaela. You’re hitting on a tension we’ll struggle with all of our lives – maybe it’s the classic summary of being in the world without being of the world, but I’d go a step further… it seems like it’s the difference between deepening our roots versus saying, “I’m good and deserve a little bit of something.” On the surface it may look like fitting in versus standing out. To the Lord it looks like taking yet another step toward Him away from the world so that together you can reengage the world with clearer vision. Praying for your journey.


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