Summer Bucket List ||

Hey there people of the internet,

I can’t believe it is already July 1st!! That is wild. Brynn and I were sitting on my deck under the little gazebo thing I have and we happened to be talking about what we hope our future hold and then the subject of our bucket lists came up. We decided to make one for our summer to keep it interesting. I mean this is our last summer without having a lot of responsibilities. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys. 

1. Go to the Dayton Inspires wall (It’s all over Instagram and looks aesthetically pleasing.) 

2. Go visit a pet store

3. Go to a Drive In movie 

4. Visit all the shops on the square  

5. Throw a huge party ( Only if our parents are okay with it tho)

6. Cliff Jumping (Even tho rocks scare me Brynn said its fun)

7. Hangout with our Winter Jam crew  (We miss you guys!!!!!)

8. Go to a concert

9. Blog as much as I can

10. Find new people to adventure with

11. Craft nights

12. Watch at least 10 sunrises 

13. Go to the butterfly room at the Zoo

14. Quit eating fast food (We tried to do this last summer and Brynn lasted 2 days.)

15. Go camping 

16. Go canoeing

17. Toilet paper someone’s house 

18. Go to the aquarium

19. Go to Vermillion 

20. Take a trolley tour downtown

21. Go go the fair

22. Go to Hocking Hills

23. Make donuts

24. Go to lots of donut shops

25. Do lots of bible studies while we adventure

26. Post a video of us singing

27. Make up a dance

28. Go to the flats

29. Go downtown Akron

30. Workout more

31. Volunteer at the hospital

32. Go thrifting more

33. Break habits

34. Save money

35. Actually do everything on this list

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Here’s us shaking on our exciting list of things to accomplish for the summer.

I know some of these are kind of silly but I mean we only get to be 15 and 16 once so why not do things that we think we’ll enjoy? Gotta have fun now before we are forced into the cruel world of adulthood that consists of working to pay off college debt and bills. We’ll keep you updated on our adventures! 

Till next time,

Stay Brave Friends,

~Michaela & Brynn

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