Fourth Of July Weekend ||

Hello friends, I hope you all had a swell Fourth of July, I know mine was great! I wanted to share with you guys some photographs from the weekend as well as a journal entry. 

July 4th, 2016 

Ah, yes fireworks and family time, I think this is my favorite weekend of the year, perhaps even favorite holiday. Saturday night was spent lighting sparklers with Brynn and Josiah.

Sunday was spent going to church hearing a great sermon, Josiah rapping for the register lady at Chipotle which ended in us getting free drinks and free burrito cards for the next time we come in! It then continued with a photo shoot with Maggie and going up to Cornerstone to watch the fireworks that the high school was shooting off .

Monday consisted of working a five-hour shift at Dairy Queen and them buying us pizza because we weren’t busy at all. Finally, I ended this evening/weekend with the Radke’s, running up to the gas station with Hannah to get smart waters and donuts to go to the baseball fields down the street from my house to watch the fireworks with the rest of the clan that the country club across the street were shooting off. 


I am immensely blessed.

~ Michaela  



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