Being Insignificant ||

Sometimes I go through these stages where I get really discouraged about my blog and think “well nobody really reads it or cares so why bother?” but then it hit me –  If this is something that makes me happy then I should keep pursuing it. I find that blogging makes me happy and I can use this as a platform to share positivity. A lot of you guys know that my biggest fear is living an insignificant life. Which seems kind of silly to many but it keeps me up at night. Not even joking. But what does being insignificant really mean tho? So I googled the word “Insignificant” to break it down :


(ĭn′sĭg-nĭf′ĭ-kənt) adj.

1. Not significant, especially:

  • a. Lacking in importance; trivial.
  • b. Lacking power, position, or value; worthy of little regard.
  • c. Small in size or amount.
2. Having little or no meaning.
The thought of dying and “lacking in importance” scares the crap out of me. When the time comes and I die I want to be remembered, remembered for good things like being kind, being authentic, leaving a positive impact on every person I encountered, loving everyone like Jesus did.. the list honestly goes on and on but lacking in importance is certainly not on it. While I over think about how someday I’ll be gone and how there is a chance that no one will remember me, I think and ask myself – uh, Michaela If you’re so afraid of your life having no meaning what are you doing today to make sure you have  given it one?
The things I post on social media have a lot to do with how people are going to remember me. I have a fairly decent following base on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest. When I die and people go through my accounts how are they going to perceive my life? I actually probably ask myself that like 3563583648248 billion times a day to be completely honest. Especially as a Christian I think it’s important for my online and in real life presence to line up together and represent the way I lived for Christ. I want people to go through my twitter and read my tweets and think “she was really passionate and had a lot of goals”. I want people to go through my instagram and think “she really had a heart for Jesus”. I want the people who I encounter every single day to walk away from a conversation we had and to think “that girl had this joy in her heart and a kindness about her that I want to adapt”. That could sound really selfish but I want to leave a good impact on this world. There are so many people who are hurting, sad, broken and just mean. I want to be the one who changes that. I know I’m probably just rambling here but guys it is so important to be the change you want to see in the world. It is so so so so important to be kind to people because 1) you don’t know if the person you come into contact with is having a rough day. 2) being nice literally cost $0.00 and I mean who doesn’t love free stuff? 
Stay Brave Friends, 
lol I suck at punctuation so I’m sure there is a lot of errors (;

2 thoughts on “Being Insignificant ||

  1. Girl, first of all, I’m totally not saying this cause it’s what you might want to hear, but I really really needed to read this tonight. It super encouraged me! So appreciate your transparency, it speaks to what God is doing in you. I hope I can be like you when I grow up.

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