Music Monday || Cuts

Hello lovelies! It has been a while since I’ve shown you guys some new music. As you all know one of my favorite things in the entire world is finding new artist that aren’t quite famous yet (by the way I’ve been obsessed with Gnash for like a year and a half, and now you hear him on the radio.) I like being able to appreciate people s talents before they’re over played on the radio.

This summer I’ve been obsessing over Chelsea Cutler. I listened to her cover of Say My Name by ODESZA and immediately fell in love. She mashed it with Anna Of The North’s song Sway.  Guys, I’m not even kidding I literally had her Soundcloud on repeat for two weeks straight. I was smitten by her style. She’s so unique and has something I havent really seen a lot in the music industry.

Today I am calling it right now that Chelsea Cutler is going to become super famous in the next two years. Let me give you a little insight on who she is –  her name is Chelsea, she’s 19, from the east cost, she goes to Amherst College, and she just signed to Ultra Music. A few weeks ago I reached out to her on Twitter and asked if I could interview her for you guys! She said yes and this is how it went – 

Me – I know its super cliché but when did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

Chelsea – I think not really until last summer, and even then I was pretty unsure of it as a career.

Me –  What made you want to go for it?

Chelsea – I started to see some success last summer that made me think music was actually a possibility for me.

Me – How did that success feel? Probably really great right?

Chelsea – Yeah of course. It was really motivating for sure

Me – I bet! Who has influenced your style the most you think?

Chelsea – Bon Iver has had a definite impact on how I record vocals because I’ve always loved how Justin Vernon records a lot of layers of vocals.

Me –  That’s awesome! How does it feel to have just signed to Ultra?

Chelsea – It’s surreal for sure! Never dreamed I would sign with a label honestly.

Me – I know that I’m super excited to see what the future holds for you!! Which takes me to another question – What does the future hold for you?

Chelsea – Well right now the future will be me working with Ultra which I’m really excited about! I’ll get to do a lot of writing with them.

Me – I’m so excited for that!! Can we expect any new music from you soon??

Chelsea – Yes defiantly!!

Me – I’m so excited for that holy moly!!

We just kinda left it at that. But yeah, I encourage you to check out Chelsea on Soundcloud and Spotify because she is oh so talented! 

Keep up with Chelsea elsewhere  – 

Instagram   Twitter   Soundcloud  Spotify  Facebook  

Tell me what you guys think about her in the comments below! Till next time,

Stay Brave Friends,

~ Michaela 





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