December Update

Hello, friends!

The semester is over and I have never been so happy in my entire life. Honestly, school is stressful as heck. Getting good grades and being a quality student is difficult. However, I am super thankful that I have the opportunity to learn. There are so many people in third world countries that don’t get to go to school and work for their dreams. It is honestly heartbreaking. So if being stressed out is the price of learning I’ll take it with a grateful heart. Also, super thankful for my man JC who blesses me with an enormous amount of peace. But anyways back to the topic –  I have been working really hard on some new posts! I want to make sure the content I am putting into the world is authentic and quality. I am genuinely excited to get back into the blogging game and share with you guys all the cool things God has been doing in my life lately. Expect to see some new blog posts soon!! 

Until then, stay tuned and stay brave friends, 

Michaela michaela-1


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