4 Things To Get You a Head Start on Your Fresh Start //

21 days and it will be 2017. A whole new year to fail at completing all the resolutions you wrote down. 

We all write down our resolutions in hope to get those abs, get a promotion at work, stop using social media so much, make new friends, learn an instrument, etc. Then about a month into the process, we forget to do it one day and then the next and next and then we give excuses and the term “I’ll start Monday” is used and Monday is here and well I’ll start next Monday. It’s a continuous process. I personally do not even like the term resolutions, to me it’s associated with disappointment. I prefer the term goals. 2017 is a fresh start, a time to reach and conquer new goals. I think everyone loves the thought of a fresh start as the new year gets closer and closer. The thing is if you really want it, you gotta start working on it now.

I put together a list of things to help you get ready for the new year and your fresh start.



Go through your closet and get rid of that sweater that you haven’t worn in a million years. Clean out your desk and throw out of all those unnecessary receipts.Go to your Spotify account and delete all the playlists that you have listened to so many times that you no longer like them. Unfollow all those spam accounts on Instagram. Whatever you feel you need to get rid of, do it. youuuu neeeed toooo cuuuuut eeeet 

Make Things Right

Have a relationship/ friendship that ended and you don’t feel like you got any closer? Did you maybe say something really petty about someone on social media and feel bad about it? Make it right. In order to have a fresh start, you gotta make amends with the past.

Buy a Planner

Okay, this one may be a little silly but I feel like I can conquer the world when I have an empty aesthetically pleasing weekly planner in front of me. All the possibilities and amazing adventures that are going to fill it get me motivated.

Create New Goals 

Try something different. Don’t call them resolutions, call them tangible goals. Think about what you really want to accomplish and write them down. People who write down their goals are 50% more likely to achieve them than someone who has unwritten goals.

Hopefully, this list helps you reach your fresh start.

Until next time, 

Stay Brave Friends.


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