Snowflakes & Being Wonderfully Made

Hello, friends! I am back sitting on my bedroom floor wrapped up in my sisters cute Aldo poncho (hey Han thanks for not caring if I use it ), freezing and well, I was catching up on my geometry homework. Well, anyways, I forgot how cold having a real winter is like. For real Ohio like two weeks ago it was 60 degrees and now it’s like 15 and snowing…
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Okay, not going to lie though I LOVE snow. Unpopular opinion I know. But hey, these things happen, right? Seriously there is something so captivating about these little white specs that fall from the sky. 
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Just looking up at these unique little ice crystals falling from the sky makes me oh so happy! There are so many of them and they are just so beautiful. None of them are the same, yet all of them are so beautiful. I remember while growing up (ahahaha that makes me sound like some ancient human being) my little…actually, my “little” brother is a foot taller than me so let me rephrase, my younger brother and I would create a little house in our front yard trees. We would pretend that we were in the ice age and we were the last humans on earth trying to survive. Ah yes, the not so long ago years of having nothing to worry about (again lol that makes me sound like I have a ton of life experience when I really don’t. the only things have to deal with is paying for a phone bill and keeping up my grades). Life was simple. Geometry didn’t exist and the only type of essays I wrote about were why I was in love with Justin Bieber. 
But anyway, back to the snowflakes, it amazes me how they are all so beautiful yet none of them are the same. It’s like us humans, we all have traits that are beautiful, it is what makes us all different. I think that is pretty neat. It is so wonderful to me that the same God that created the beautiful snow created you and me. 

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My view is that all of us were created uniquely by the big man up in the clouds, just like snowflakes. I mean, of course, I have to reference the bible because ya know how else are we know supposed to know that we were fearfully and wonderfully made? Oh by the way that would be found in the book of Psalms. Psalms 139:13-14 to be exact. That is pretty lit if you ask me. Or I think it is pretty awesome when in the book of Proverbs it says that we are more precious than rubies, the finest things this world has to offer we are worth more than that. I mean I could go on and on about how the bible tells us how cool and unique we are….like Jeremiah 1:5 the Lord says that before you and I had been born that we were already set apart. 

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To end this lengthy blog post my prayer is to you, the reader. My prayer is that when you look at the snow you will be reminded of how unique you are. If you are feeling a little insecure or unsure of what your life is at this point in life, I pray that you will just be reminded that the creator of the universe has a plan for you. He holds your future in his hands and it is going to be more amazing than anything you could ever imagine. You were fearfully and wonderfully made and that is something to find security in. You are wonderful.

With love, 

Michaela ♥



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