Bring it all to peace.

 Peace, bring it all to peace. 

That line has been repeating itself over and over. I am constantly humming and singing it. Update on my life really quick: I turned 16, I bought a car, my second semester of college classes started, I got a job. 

Peace, bring it all to peace. 

Turning 16 was pretty lit not gonna lie. I went to the Bahamas. There was a ton of damage from the hurricane. My heart longed to do something. I want to go back and do ministry there. Help build it back up.

Peace, bring it all to peace. 

I worked really hard and had a ton of money in my savings account last year. This year I bought a car. Insurance is expensive. Gas isn’t too bad. I still don’t have my license. 10 more driving hours to go.

Peace, bring it all to peace.

So far the semester is good. I enjoy the classes I am taking this semester, my teachers are neat. They challenge me. I have never had to study so hard and so much in my entire life.

Peace, bring it all to peace. 

I had two interviews the other day. I got a call back from one today, I got the job. I will get another call from the other place Sunday. I will probably get that job too. Full-time student and working two jobs. Why not?

Peace, bring it all to peace. 

That is all I hear in my head right now. Recently I was talking to my grandfather and he said to me “Michaela, you have a lot going for you right now. My only recommendation is that in the midst of your busy schedule that you take some time by yourself and spend it with Jesus.” 

Peace, bring it all to peace. 

I am reading through the gospel of Luke right now. “But He withdrew to the wilderness and prayed.” Luke 5:16. Jesus had a lot going on for him. He had a lot of people to meet. Everyone from everywhere heard about him. He was probably overwhelmed. Jesus even took a time to get away from people and just pray. Jesus took time from changing the world and making history to be in the presence of the holy spirit. in the presence of peace. Jesus brought it all to peace. 

Peace, bring it all to peace. 

I took the advice. I have been prioritizing some quiet time for myself lately. I am a busy body so it has been hard, but allowing the holy spirit to move in my heart and to be overwhelmed by peace has been a wonderful feeling. Growing up is quite terrifying, life is difficult, but I know that if I keep my eyes on the prize (aka Jesus) everything will work out.

So here I am bringing it all to peace.



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