Being content with staying still

Hello lovelies,

Ya girl is back! This morning I woke up, brushed my teeth tried to convince my mom to go out and get breakfast and when that failed, I just made myself some french toast. But as I was eating I was thinking “Man, I really wish I was older already. I wish that I was already at college, making breakfast in my very cute and super fashionable little apartment that I would be living in”  and then my daydreaming was rudely interrupted by a spider that was walking across my table. Like excuse me little spider I do not appreciate you being here, you were not invited to breakfast with me. Bye, bye spider. 

But anyways, I don’t know, I guess I just wish I could skip to the fun part of life. I wish I was already at the school of my dreams. I wish I had a decked out Pinterest worthy apartment with a cute little dog and a nice coffee maker. Is that too much to ask for??? While I was all caught up in my daydreaming I thought about a little note my mom had written in one of my notebooks back in September, It said: Learn to be content in the place God has you.”

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 But then my stubborn self-thought… I don’t want to be content, I want to be walking across the stage ready to receive my diploma for my master’s degree. I want to own 500 dogs already. I want to walk into my future private practice and help change people’s lives.

I find myself being so discontent with being a brace-faced 16-year old that only studies and works. Why can’t I actively be out changing the world right now??? Then the note popped into my head again: learn to be content in the place God has you. I went back to the notebook and another page it said: “The degree in which you are launched is dependent on the degree in which you are anchored and planted.” Right now, God has me exactly where he wants me because I am being rooted in what he has for me. So how do I just be content with where God has me? Then, of course, this conversation between my dad and I popped in my head. It went like this:

 Dad: Michaela, what does God have for you right now? What is right in front of you?”

Me: I don’t really know.

Dad: Right now, you have school to focus on. That is your focus right now. You have a lot of schooling to get through for you to be able to do what God has for you. You have a job to do. How you are at work represents Christ. So right now, you should study hard and work hard. You’ll get there, just focus on what is right in front of you.

“You’ll get there, just focus on what is right in front of you”

How am I going to get there, though? By clinging to the promise that God has bigger plans for my life than I could ever imagine. I get there by staying here. Wherever God has me, he has me here for a reason. Even if that is working two jobs and taking college classes. All this hard work will pay off. I will get there by staying surrounded. I will invest in people and relationships. I will keep people around me who keep me accountable. I will surround myself with people who know my goals and my boundaries and respect that. I will continue to press forward with what God has for me. 

Sorry if I was just rambling, but, I mean, that is what a blog is all about right? Until next time friends,  stay brave and remember to be content in the place that you are right now.




2 thoughts on “Being content with staying still

  1. I love this! I find myself struggling to be content with where God has me as well. I’m always thinking about all of my dreams/goals and sometimes feel overwhelmed, fearing failure. It’s important to remind ourselves that God’s way of thinking is higher than ours. He sees things that we can’t and won’t keep any good thing from us. We have to keep faith. Love your blog! I found you through Instagram and you’re a great writer. 🙂

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