Sunflower Friends

Hello, lovelies!

I would love to update you all and say it officially spring over here, but unfortunately, it is supposed to snow tomorrow… Ohio, please get it together, I am begging you!!!! This weekend I was out spending time with a dear friend for her birthday and as we were driving back to her house, I almost drove past a sunflower wall, and well anyone who knows me, knows that I can not just drive past a groovy wall without taking pictures in front of it. I simply have no self-control when it comes to aesthetically pleasing walls. It is just a proven fact. So, of course, I pulled into the parking lot and we took some photographs in front of this cute lil wall. As I was editing these pictures, the flowers had me thinking about how friends are a lot like sunflowers.They are beautiful, bring happiness to the season you are in but are only here for a little while. It is unfortunate, but it’s usually the case.

Lately, I have been realizing how important it is to make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who are not toxic. I have noticed over the past few years that friends come and go, and sometimes it hurts, it really does. There will be people who you are forced to be friends with because it is the right thing to do and there will others who come into your life and you think that you have found the person that you are going to conquer the world with. In like a friendship way of course. 

Some people come into your life and ignite something in you. They ignite this little spark in your soul that makes you feel like you’re going to set the world ablaze. These are the friends who you think you’re just going to be super successful and change the course of history with. These are the friends who you allow yourself to let down walls and become vulnerable around. These are the safe friends.

Since I am all about being authentic with you guys, I don’t really have the best of luck when it comes to friendships. When I find friends I literally overlook all the bad and just think the best of them, and let me tell ya recently it screwed me over a bit. Unfortunately, most of the time friends leave you high and dry. And when you look back on that relationship you think “wow, what was I thinking? That was not a good friend at all.” and you know what? It sucks. It sucks so much because then you think about how much that friend impacted your life (good and bad) and how you just had a mutual mad crazy love for each other. But then as easily as you guys connected it turned toxic. Good friends are friends who uplift you, not tear you down. Good friends are ones who push you towards the cross, not pull you further away from it. Good friends know your boundaries and respect them. Good friends know to respect the fact that you do not want to open the door to certain things, they don’t literally open the door to everything you’ve always said you didn’t want to be involved in.

But, some people are dotted lines and others are destinations. That is a quote from this book that I am in the process of reading called If You Find This Letter by Hannah Brencher (btw this is a phenomenal book holy stinking moly). That sentence kinda shook my little world up.  

It made me realize that yes we live in a broken world and yes the people who say they are always going to be there for you aren’t always telling the truth. But it also gave me a little peace and a better understanding of relationships. It was one of those humbling moments. reading that paragraph was a moment where I took a step back and was like woah, I feel like everything will work out in the end.

I understand that my thoughts are a little bit everywhere today because my extra turbo shot in my coffee just kicked in, but what I hope that you get out of this is that although sunflowers are only seasonal, they are still beautiful. It kinda sucks when they all die, but with the end of that season comes a new season and a bunch of new things to appreciate that follow this new time. 

Cling to the beauty of something new.

Until next time,


Michaela ♥♥

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